Factory-restored Series 1 Land Rovers appeals to collectors and enthusiasts from the searched for-after utility vehicle

Land Rover has introduced that it'll produce another 25 good examples from the original, Series 1 form of its famous 4x4 which made an appearance in 1948.

They'll cost between £60,000 and £80,000 based on whether it’s an 80-inch or 86-inch chassis model.

Instead of complete new-develops, the cars is going to be existing Series 1s hands-selected by Land Rover Classic’s group of experts for authenticity after which exposed to some full restoration in the factory towards the original 1948 specs.

Including the option of five period finishes, including Light Eco-friendly, Bronze Eco-friendly, RAF Blue, Dove Gray and Poppy Red.

Their Classic division is behind the program to produce the 25 “new” cars, so it introduced in the Techno-Classica historic vehicle show in Essen, Germany. It's already offered an unrestored vehicle on its stand that’s due for full restoration underneath the Land Rover Reborn banner.

Clients will have the ability to select their preferred base vehicle along with Land Rover Classic’s restoration team, and they'll have the ability to stick to the car’s restoration from beginning to end at Land Rover’s new Classic workshop in the original Defender factory in Solihull. Many experienced employees in the old Defender production line are adding towards the restoration from the 25 Series 1 cars.

Should you order one now, Land Rover Classic estimations that it might be completed within 6 to 9 several weeks.

Tony O’Keeffe of Jaguar Land Rover Classic stated that when the 25 “new” cars have been created, the workshop would consume customers’ own cars for restoration or general fettling.

3 days ago, Land Rover’s sister company Jaguar introduced that it'll build nine new good examples of their famous XKSS sports vehicle created in 1957, each costing more than £1 million. Unlike the thoroughly restored Series 1 Land Rovers, the XKSS are “continuation” cars -  faithful  replicas built using new parts towards the original blueprints.

The XKSS isn’t the very first Jaguar continuation. In May 2014 it introduced a run of six Lightweight E-type racers to enhance the 12 original cars that left the Browns Lane factory in 1963, getting the quantity of genuine lightweight E-types to 18, the amount initially intended.

In mid-March, Jaguar Land Rover re-named its Heritage business as Jaguar Land Rover Classic. It's a division of JLR’s Special Procedures and it is devoted to supplying cars, services, parts and encounters to proprietors and fans of classic Jaguars and Land Rovers all over the world.

Tim Hannig, director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, stated: “The launch from the Reborn initiative signifies an incredible chance for clients to possess an invaluable and collectable automotive icon. Reborn showcases Land Rover Classic’s knowledge of rebuilding and looking after our loyal customers’ valued Land Rovers.”